Air: Awesome Superfamily of Fonts

I love typography, enough to violate the standards at work to get me in trouble by delivering reports written in LaTeX instead of Word and therefore much more pleasing to the eye.

I hate bad typography. Someone told me that if you really hate someone you should teach them to ”see” bad kerning. Well, I get upset by bad kerning and missing ligatures in texts and so on. I can live with it on the web. But not in print.

And once in a time I stumble over a font family that turnes everything upside down and puts the fun back into typography again and I get a warm fuzzy feeling all over. This is a moment like this.

Enter: Air — a superfamily of 18 fonts

Just look at them. From extra-thin penciled straight sans-serif to super-fat extra-bold. I want them, I want them all, pretty please with sugar on top.