On this page I will write about particular excursions to take pictures in a particular theme that I have done. There will probably be quite a lot of excursions over time.

The excursions with links are things that I have already done and you can see the results here. Those who are not linked are not done yet or the pictures are not ready on the site yet.

Long Djurgården Walk

A long full-day walk around the djurgården island with camera in hand depicting many different things would be nice. Better pack a lunch or bring a BBQ to have something to eat as well. Would love to do this in the early summer when the sun is out for a long time and then take the Djurgården ferry back to the mainland.

Stora Vika Cement Factory

Interesting place south-east of Stockholm towards Nynäshamn. This is an abandoned cement factory that has been left to its own demise for the last twenty years or so. There are some activity on the premises and TallOil is the current owner, I am trying to find someone there whoul would let me take a peek inside the fence and get some pictures of the decaying old factory.

I have already been able to go there and take some pictures from a nearby hill, you can find them on my Flickr here or check this post out.



Already done excursions

The bridge Västerbron at sunrise.

This is to be done for me next week, several people have told me that the light on Västerbron at sunrise is absolutely fantastic and therefore I plan to visit this sometime next week to photograph it. The plan is to take the LAST train into the city around 1 AM and then do some night photographing until sunrise which should be around 04.00 this time of year. When done take the first train back home and then get some sleep and post-process. :-)

Nordiska Museet

The area around the museum is quite nice itself for photography but I also expect some nice things inside to shoot.

Stockholm Photowalk

Here is my plug for the photowalk. And here is the photowalk home page where you can learn more about this event. Welcome to sign up. When I am writing this we are 18 people signed up and there is room for about 50 people.

Stockholm Pride Parade

On the 2nd of Augutst there is the huge pride parade here in Stockholm. I intend to be there with a blank memory card a zoom tele lens and a cheerful mood. Few things are so spectacular as the pride parade in Stockholm, and even that has become more and more well known.

These days even famour politicians walk alongside the HBT people to show their support and it is usually a great party. I missed it last year as I was out of town but this year I intend to come along well prepared and to find a good spot to overview the parate as they stroll by.

You can read more about it on the Stockholm Pride homepage.

Gamla Stan (old town) early morning excursion

Old town in Stockholm is always beautiful but when you can stroll around all by yourself without the crowded feeling you can get otherwise it is even better. Here is how to do it – take the first train, bust or metro in as early as possible. Do this on a weekday, perhaps tuesday. Pretty much anything you will see before 07.00 are deliveries to some shops.

Photos and other rants