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My next project

My next project in the studio is to actually do a photo shoot. I have to find someone that would like to have their photograph taken however which may not prove that easy actually :-)

The studio as it looks now

Studio taking form
The studio project has started about 10 months ago. It was inspired after a course in studio photography that I and my dear friend JAKB took in autumn 2007. Now I have got a place to start assembling different stuff needed for studio photography and I will write about my toils on this page.

The thing is that it is on a budget. As you can see there is a bit to go, but the equipment I have assembled so far can actually already be used for some nifty pictures.

I right now have the following stuff assembled:

  • Two 500W tungsten lights.
  • White walls works great as reflectors and can be masked by black cloth if needed.
  • TV possible to use as video monitor.
  • Stools and other props to be used.
  • Backdrops, currently a large brown that is quite good for product photos.
  • Black and gray portrait headshot backdrops.

Photos and other rants