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This summers Rosé Wine

Gris Blanc became my favourite Rosé wine this summer. Lovely half dry and refreshing, light on the palate when cold and flowery when it has warmed up a little bit. Not too expensive either, I picked up a full box, six bottles for €50 which I think is a good price.

For Swedish readers: Systembolaget nr 70419

The wine comes from Gérard Bertrand who also makes some lovely red wines. Its from Languedoc-Roussillon and I hope that it will be continued next year as well.

It is the most colourless rosé wine I have ever seen, it looks like a white wine with just a hint of rose in it and it immediately became a favourite for me.

The grape is Grenache Gris which can be found locally in the Tutavel district in Languedoc-Roussillon and is probably a mutation of Grenache Noir. The grapes are picked by hand and immediately pressed. Fermentation happens at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks.

3 day hike in Sälen with friends

I love mountain hiking but I have not had much time to do it in the last few years so when I heard from a friend in Walesthat is also keen on climbing and mountaneering I thought that it would be brilliant to go hiking in one of the most beautiful places I know.

Now the Sälen Highlands is not a very remote place, actually it is smack in the middle of one of the most touristy parts in Sweden (for outdoorsy tourism that is) and therefore all the trails are well marked and some are even properly paved with blacktop to minimise the wear on the sensitive terrain. But even so, the last time I was there it was breath taking beautiful and the trip is just a long trip of nicely shifting landscape.

I am therefore planning a nice and not to strenous trip where slow walking, stopping to admire the view or taking a photograph or even just sitting in the sun is well planned. And of course, after setting camp it would be very much possible to go on a night hike to one of the peaks, I have planned this for day 2.

All days have been divided into two stages of about 2-3 hours of walking, suitable between breakfast and lunch or lunch to dinner. But I think we will actually make good time the first stages so there will definitely be time to get the binoculars out and view the surroundings.

Expect altitude cooking about 1 km MSL which should not really have that much impact on the cooking temperature. Water boils at 96°C at this altitude.

Route guide

We are starting on the south end and walking north the first day, then west the second day and north again the third day. We are passing the following peaks:

  • Köarskarlsfjället 870 m
  • Östsfsjället 840 m
  • Källfjället 903 m
  • Synddalskläppen 880 m
  • Lägerdalsfjället 890 m
  • Stornärfjället 920 m
  • Östra granfjället 940 m

Not all peaks are climed to the top, but these are: Köarkarsfjället, Källfjället and optionally Stor-Närfjället.

Day 1: Högfjällshotellet to Källfjället summer farms

Distance 8 km Altitude variation +230/-205
Highest 892 m Lowest 736 m
Peaks to climb 2 Difficulty Easy

The entrance is well marked with a portal and information sign about Kungsleden (the King’s trail). It starts here and ends up in Abiso in Lapland, a thousand kilometers from this place… it is a grand trail and not a lot of people have walked the whole thing.

We start by walking the well paved road up the Köarskarlsfjället (grouse mountain) 1.5 km where we will pause and perhaps make tea and coffee and admire the view. Best view is to the east and to the North. After that there is a descent towards Östfjällsdalen (east mountain valley) and the Östfjällstjärn (East mountain tarn) where there is a hut that can shield us from wind and rain if necessary. This is a good place for lunch and a good place to refill water for the second stage.

The second stage starts by taking us west 1 km through a more wet area and then takes us through a birch forest up again on the peak of Källfjället 900 meters above sea. Again if not too windy a good place for a snack and a beverage before descending down to the old Källfjället summer farm. A number of scattered old houses here. We will set up camp here likely tent is the best option, the hut open for wanderers can be a bit crowded this time of year.

Day 2: Källfjället summer farms to Närfjällstugan

Distance 10 km Altitude variation +300/-170
Highest 890 m Lowest 663 m
Peaks to climb 2 Difficulty Medium

First stage is going through Synddalen (sin valley), crossing Syndalsån (the sin valley river) on a small bridge. The river sinks down in a large ravine called Lördagsgraven (the saturday grave) but we are taking the other route,  preparing to ascend the Syndalskläppen mountain.  Just before the ascent is a wind shelter which could work for lunching in, but if we want to lunch out we can give it another hour and ascend to the top of the mountain before doing lunch. I say it depends on the weather. Some spectacular views from the top is guaranteed if it is not too cloudy.

Second stage is a descent again into the next valley called Lägerdalen (Camp valley) but we will not set up camp here but walk through the valley and then ascend about 100 m or half-way up the Stor-Närfjället. Here is another hut and a good place to make camp. Plenty of water both in the valleys and in on the mountain here.

After setting camp in a suitable spot we might want to do some evening hiking shedding the backpacks and just get straight up to the peak. It is about 1,5 km so it is not that far.

Day 3: Närfjällsstugan to Görälvstugan

Distance 9 km Altitude variation +100/-400
Highest 885 m Lowest 410 m
Peaks to climb 0 Difficulty Medium

Fiurst a small ascent but we will miss the peak of Granfjället (Spruce tree mountain) mountain and just pass by on the east side. Then we will follow the ridge to the north and start the descent down to Granfjällsätern where there is a nice hut we can stop for lunch. This is probably one of the most beautiful parts nature wise.

Second stage after lunch is passing through the forest until we meet and cross Görälven river. There is a place we can stay there as well waiting to be picked up.


Use terrain or satellite image for more details.

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,13.006439&spn=0.507652,1.29776 width=400 height=400 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

First bath outdoors today

Went to the beach today, to Ängsjö, a really nice place about 5 km north of where I live. I sometimes run there and then finish off with a bath and then run back home again but not today.

It was however cold in the water, barely 13 C and it was not something you wanted to stay in for an extended time. In fact it felt a bit like ice was still on the lake…

Lake Mälaren

The picture is from this winter when I went on a photo trip to Ängsjö. I realized I did not have any summer pictures so I will have to remedy that next time I go.

Usually the water temperature is fine this time of year. But this spring has been really cold and not sunny enough, some years the temperature is fine even at the beginning of May. But it’s been a mostly miserable spring though it has had its advantages. It’s much easier to go running when the air is a little cool. Heat is a bit of a problem for me really so taking a dip in 13 degrees water is quite refreshing…

I love Swedish summer, nature and everything about it really!

Photosafari at Eldgarnsö

Five of us set out on the photo walk arranged for by to Eldgarnsö and with cameras at the ready we got quite a few pittoresque Swedish summer pictures there. We had vary varying weather but not rain to speak of, and the landscape on this island is very interesting and varying, from naked cliffs down by the waterline to pine and spruce forest to oak and other such nice trees.

It also boasts a farm in the middle of the island and some other houses where people still live and this makes for open fields and a very nice general area.

See all photos here.
See a slideshow here.



8 km gravel roads on the Järva fields

Last night I took the car to a nearby parking just outside Järvafältet. I hade in mind to run with my GPS logger and as it has a map to be able to decide on the fly to go a longer or shorter route, take a short-cut or extend the running depending on the feeling.

Turns out the batteries however was depleted in it, although it looked like they where half-charged when I checked them at home so I left it in the car and started on a path I sometimes go by bike and I know fairly well.


It was a magical night, a bit of fog over the open fields, the road was a little soft after the rain but that was great for the legs after doing a tougher round on asphalt the other day and I ran through the wonderful farm at Rocksta where I could hear the horses in the stable and there where cows in the fields. The air was cool, around 16°C and it was just lovely being out in this wonderful weather.

During the whole run I met two people. One lady on a bike fairly close to the starting point, maybe 1.5 km in to the run and then on my way back around 5.5 km I met this guy who was lost on his bike trying to get back to Jakobsberg. I gave him a road description since I know this area pretty well by now and he thanked me.

During the whole run I stopped the clock twice, once to check my bearings when I tought I had gone the wrong way (I didn’t but I ran back and forth a few hundred meters off clock to check) and then when I gave the lost guy some directions.

The path is a little bit hilly, one bigger hill close to the beginning and then some smaller ones and longer stretches of uphill/downhill. I kept a great pace based on my heartbeat trying to never exceed 150 bpm instead work on my endurance today and it worked great I felt so good the entire time it was a shame to stop.

The sun was setting in the long slow way it does up in the north in the summer time, we have sunsets from about 19-21 with the light slowly fading away and although it was pretty dark when I got back to the car it was just lovely from start to end.

This path can easily be extended to 10 km or even 12 km just by slighly changing the route. I think I might go for the 12 km next time. I hope my friend Jenny joins me then.


Midnattsloppet / The Midnight Race

I finally did it!

I have now entered myself into the midnattsloppet race that will take place on Södermalm here in Stockholm on Saturday the 14th august this year. The race is 10 km on asphalt through the summer night in Stockholm. I have been to watch the race a couple of times but I have never even thought I would be in it one day.

Photograph by plindberg on Flickr!

I am in starting group 7 of course, the last people to start jogging and I hope to complete the full 10 km in about 75 minutes.

Entrance fee is 340 SEK.

What have I done? 167 days left to train for it… that’s about 23 weeks. And I will be needing them!

Scott Kelby Second Annual Photowalk, Stockholm

Photo Walk Stockholm this is the second annual Scott Kelby Photo Walk arranged in Stockholm. Make sure you mark the date 18 July off in your calendar and then join in by clicking the link above.

Välkommen till den andra årliga Scott Kelby Photo Walk (kamerapromenad) här i stockholm. Om du har lust att vara med så kom med den 18 juli. Läs mer på länken ovan!

Walking Path Infrared

Three Designs

Grindtorp Brutalism

Twisted Architecture
Example of an architecture referred to as "brutalism". This is in Grindtorp not far from Täby, Stockholm, Sweden

Frosty Neomodernism

Frosty Bench
Bench at the local train station in Kallhäll, Järfälla, Sweden.


Sumpan in IR
Infrared photograph with a slight overlay of visible light colorization. Sundbyberg in morning light.


I remember when I got my first fishing rod, I must have been around five years old. My first task was to try to find some worms to put on the hook in order to bait the fish, it was my father who helped me and told me how to get fish to take the bait.

Fishing at lake Mälaren down at the old steam boat jetty.

I have ever since enjoyed fishing although I don’t do it very often these days here in Stockholm. This picture was taken as I strolled past a young fella who was trying to put his bait on and I suddenly remembered these old times again.

One of my first jobs was working at a place where fishing equipment was made. Something I did in the summer when I was 16. I enjoyed it very much and I had the opportunity then to spend my money earned on fishing gear which I thought was well spent at the time! Since then the catches I have done (fishwise) are easily counted, but I still have the gear I bought then – in pristine condition.