Spotify Playlists

Here is a collection of some of my playlists from Spotify. The music service allows you to listen to a lot of the music in the world from your computer, your smartphone and so on. Here are some of my favourite songs on display:

Wk 13 – TraXXmIXx
A wonderful and strange playlist with a lot of mixed music from all over the world. If you like this, then I think you have a similar taste in music to myself. Let me know what you think by leaving comments here below.
Wk 14 – 80s synthpop
The 80s was a fun decade to grow up in, the music was growing by leaps and bounds, synth music and hard rock was the two main categories of music people in my age listened to. I was more keen on the synth so here is a list of music you should not have missed out on.
Wk 15 – Music for Driving
Roadtrip music is always fun, this is my version of the road trip, I hope you enjoy it. I also found out the music is great for jogging as well.
Wk 16 – The Soundtrack of Alien Life
Soundtracks from various movies with a more or less alien theme. Not always space dwelling aliens but also the alien worlds within and the alien worlds on the other side of the globe… enjoy

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