I have found, being a lazy SOB myself, that I need some check-lists before I get going with my camera. Therefore I have created the following lists in hope that you also may find them useful.

Checklist before going on a 1-day photo shoot

Should be checked the day before you are supposed to go, batteries may need up to 12 hours to charge if completely depleted so you can’t just do this an hour before you go.

  • Lenses clean and packed
  • Camera house cleaned, sensor dust-free
  • Camera batteries well charged
  • Cleaning cloth, lens papers and fluid
  • A towel (a towel is immensely useful in the field as protection for short rain showers, general cleaning and so on)
  • Pen and notepad
  • GPS receiver for tracklog and geotagging later

Additional checks if staying more than one night away

  • Chargers for camera batteris
  • Charger for any other battery type you carry (flash unit)
  • A full change of clothes
  • Extra coat if there is room

Before shooting

  • Reset the camera to default settings
  • Input the settings you need for this shoot (se camera settings check)
  • Insert memory card
  • Format memory card in the camera
  • Take a dust-spot reference shot (if the camera has this function)
  • Set the white balance
  • Set the ISO to the lowest acceptable setting
  • Set quality and format for photo files (JPEG/RAW and Quality/Size)

For night shots or long exposures

  • Tripod
  • Flash

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