Ongoing projects

These are the ongoing photographic projects being documented on this page:

Running Project
My running project to become a more fit and healthy person where I started from practically not being able to run more than a minute at a time and then managed to work my self up during the course of five months into running 5 km without breaks. Keep following my progress here…
Home studio
The home studio for portrait and product photography. The project is currently a little bit on hold since there are other priorities for the money currently :-)
Albin Tenglet
Albin Tenglet was an author that lived in Stäket. He also made quite inscriptions into rocks and stones both using runes and the roman alphabet. This project aims to document his works.
Marabouparken was elected to the most beautiful park in Sweden in 2008. This project is about documenting the park in various seasons. The park is closed in the winter time so it will have to do with spring, summer and autumn. Autumn already done.
Photo Challenges
The page contains the posted pictures to Jenny’s Photo Challenge or Photo Friday! Some of the best photos on the site is contained here! The photo challenge will continue for many more fridays to come, so please join in and have fun!
Emacs Resource
This is a page completely unrelated to photography.  But I need easy access to my .emacs and .gnus wherever I am so that’s why it is here :-)
101 things in 1001 days
A project to increase your focus and goals and push yourself to evolve, learn and creater somtehing new, inspire or be inspired according to a plan.

Coming Projects

Stockholm Metro Art Display
There is a lot of art in the Stockholm metro. This is a typical winter project to try to document and photograph the arts in the subway of stockholm and to display it here.
Street Face
This will be to take camera out and set up somewhere in the city asking to take people’s portraits and then inviting them to the internet to download their pictures.

Photos and other rants