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Today I needed to get out a bit from the apartment, been ill and in bed too much and I am going to work tomorrow again so I ventured in town with camera ready to take some pictures. I went off the train at Centralen the city central station and then walked Sveavägen down. On the way I passed old Grand which is one of the well kept old cinemas that does a bit different films, not just the ordinary run of the mill action movies and dramas from the big Hollywood circus but also does more narrow French and Belgian movies as well as low budgets and Swedish movies you may or may not see again.

Ladies outside Grand
Grand in Stockholm and two ladies walking past
Waiting for the show to start at Grand

Scott Kelby Second Annual Photowalk, Stockholm

Photo Walk Stockholm this is the second annual Scott Kelby Photo Walk arranged in Stockholm. Make sure you mark the date 18 July off in your calendar and then join in by clicking the link above.

Välkommen till den andra årliga Scott Kelby Photo Walk (kamerapromenad) här i stockholm. Om du har lust att vara med så kom med den 18 juli. Läs mer på länken ovan!

Walking Path Infrared

Fotopromenad den 10 maj | Photo Walk, May 10

Stockholm and Reflections
View from Södermälarstrand

Plats: T-bana Slussen uppgång Södermalmstorg, vid strömmingsbilen kl 13.00 den 10 maj 2009.

Vi går runt södermälarstrand med avstickare efter eget behov och så slutar vi på lämplig krog med en bit mat och kanske en pilsner ca 17:00.

När mer information blir tillgänglig kommer jag uppdatera det här.


Place: Metro station Slussen (2 stops south of T-Centralen on the red or green route) exit towards ”Södermalmstorg” it is the middle exit from the platform. Outside there is a cart that sells fried herring which is well known and that’s where we will meet. Time and date is 1pm on May 10, 2009.

We will be walking around the south shoreline of lake Mälaren with beautiful views over the Stockholm city and waters. We expect to end around 5pm for a meal and something to drink at some good restaurant in the cheaper range.

When more information becomes available I will be updating this post.


Slussen – Gamla Stan

On my way from Gamla Stan, the old town, to the south end of the city I stopped on the bridge and decided to try to get a handheld panorama of this part of the city. Usually I am not too much a fan of panorama pictures, they have a tendency to be awkward to frame if you know what I mean.

But I shot using my 16-85 set somewhere around 30 mm focal length and handheld. This pano is composed of 6 stitched pictures, all done manually in Photoshop. If you really want to see the picture you must click on it and view it full size, the limits in width on this blog does in no way make it justice.

Winter Panorama
You are seeing the Stockholm south end shoreline on the left hand side and parts of the old town on the right hand side. The boat at the quay side is a night club actually. The bride in the middle of the picture is where the metro underground trains pass from station Gamla Stan to station Slussen.

I did not modify the picture in any way except that I worked a little bit with the contrast since it was a bit of a dull light in the air.

The tower in the far background is actually the city hall.


Fatburen is a small area in the south end of Stockholm. These days you find it between Medborgarplatsen and the Stockholm Södra train station roughly and the blocks in between. There are many very modern buildings here and fortunately the Fatburen park has been saved, fatbursparken in Swedish.

I passed by here last Monday and had the camera with me which was quite lucky because I got a picture that I have had in my head for some time now that we have finally gotten a bit of proper winter even here in Stockholm.

Fatbursparken in all it's winter glory. Click on the picture and then on the picture page you can find the map where this picture was taken. Like most of my pictures it is geotagged when published on the Internet.

The picture is a full colour picture but the whole world seemed very black and white at this moment. The park was full of people as well and tourists taking pictures of each other with their cameras. So I had to wait for the right moment before I could squeeze off a few pictures and this is the result.

At the left in the very far reach of the picture is part of the railway that goes under the city into the Central station. This part will be rebuilt and probably covered to the dismay of some of the train spotters who use this place to spot trains passing by. I just hope that they will preserve this park even if it is a park that has a bit of a drug problem going in the late summer evenings…

A walk in the winter city

Today I had the opportunity to take a walk around the city since I went early from work to my medical check (mandatory to do regularly for people working on or near the railway) and since I had to skip lunch to be fasting for the medical checkup I finished a little earlier so I spent the day in the city with the camera looking for three things and I found them all.

  • Indian chai tea
  • A nice haircut that’s not too expensive
  • A nice salad lunch served after 14.30.

I was actually able to find all three and had a wonderful day walking around the city from Kungsholmen down to Södermalm and then taking the commuter train back home from Södra Station.

Snowy Bike

This Way


Pustegränd & Brännkyrkagatan

Skogskyrkogården / The Woodland Cemetery

This was my fourth  attempt to reach the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the famous must-sees in Stockholm, especially if you are interested in architecture.

The previous times things have come up that have prevented me to go, and now I set out without telling anyone else and just went there. Of course I had some bad luck and killed one of my flashes so that one needs to go to the repair shop :( Always something. However the trip resulted in some pictures from a blistering cold January day in the south end of Stockholm at the woodland cemetery.

Woodland chapel
The wood chapel
The chapel of the holy cross
Chapel of the holy cross.
The famous cross.
Steps to the Remembrance Garden
Remembrance Garden
Rememberance Garden
Remembrance garden
Seven wells path
Path to the chapel of resurrection
Greta Garbo
Entrance to chapel
Chapel of Resurrection

Kallhälls Marina

När jag ändå redan var nere vid sjön och fotograferade Bolinders gamla fabriker så passade jag på att ta några bilder vid marinan när solen stod lågt. Detta är en av dessa bilder.

Wide angle harbour

When I was down at the old Bolinder factories to take some pictures I walked over to the near-by marina as well and shot some pictures with a low sun in the sky. This is one of the pictures from that shoot.