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Photosafari at Eldgarnsö

Five of us set out on the photo walk arranged for by to Eldgarnsö and with cameras at the ready we got quite a few pittoresque Swedish summer pictures there. We had vary varying weather but not rain to speak of, and the landscape on this island is very interesting and varying, from naked cliffs down by the waterline to pine and spruce forest to oak and other such nice trees.

It also boasts a farm in the middle of the island and some other houses where people still live and this makes for open fields and a very nice general area.

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Kallhälls Marina

När jag ändå redan var nere vid sjön och fotograferade Bolinders gamla fabriker så passade jag på att ta några bilder vid marinan när solen stod lågt. Detta är en av dessa bilder.

Wide angle harbour

When I was down at the old Bolinder factories to take some pictures I walked over to the near-by marina as well and shot some pictures with a low sun in the sky. This is one of the pictures from that shoot.


I remember when I got my first fishing rod, I must have been around five years old. My first task was to try to find some worms to put on the hook in order to bait the fish, it was my father who helped me and told me how to get fish to take the bait.

Fishing at lake Mälaren down at the old steam boat jetty.

I have ever since enjoyed fishing although I don’t do it very often these days here in Stockholm. This picture was taken as I strolled past a young fella who was trying to put his bait on and I suddenly remembered these old times again.

One of my first jobs was working at a place where fishing equipment was made. Something I did in the summer when I was 16. I enjoyed it very much and I had the opportunity then to spend my money earned on fishing gear which I thought was well spent at the time! Since then the catches I have done (fishwise) are easily counted, but I still have the gear I bought then – in pristine condition.

Hälleboda in Infrared

I decided to take my bike down to the nearby lake Mälaren where there is an old steam boad jetty and used to be a small cottage farm. This place is called Hälleboda and it is said to be haunted by an old lady, the last inhabitants of Hälleboda.

She is said to have been very mean, she whipped any kids that came too close with a horse-whip and she was generally very much disliked. One night when she was sleeping the house burned down to the ground and she died in the fire. Noone knows what exactly happened but it is told that she still haunts this place.

I decided to shoot some infrared and this is the result.



Fishing boat