Expressen and Dagens Nyheter

Expressen // Dagens Nyheter
Expressen and Dagens Nyheter are two well known newspapers that's been around for a long time here in Sweden. This photo was taken on a grey day when I was walking from Gamla stan to Slussen and then further on to Mariatorget to finish at Medborgarplatsen.

There are many houses around this area with old ”commercial messages”. One of the most famous ones is the Stomatol tooth paste ad that you can see if you are looking towards Slussen from the traffic careousel at Södermalmstorg.

On purpose I changed the contrasts and sepia-coloured this photography. I think it is rather timeless with a few exceptions, the Taxi Stockholm car is pretty new and shiny and the traffic light also tells us it is a modern picture. But the storefront windows, the house and the ads on top of it are pretty historical in a modern sense… :)