Swedish Center Illegally Uses Photographs

The Swedish Center in San Diego have used one of my pictures without permission. I have deliberately broken the link with them now so their picture comes up with the Flickr standard logo. It is clear on everyone of my picture pages that the pictures are Copyright and I reserve all rights.

I have never said no if someone has asked me kindly to use a picture or two, I find it very flattering actually, but the Swedish Center never even linked back to my photo page (a violation of Flickr’s terms and conditions) and never even attributed me as the photographer.

Most likely they found the picture in a search engine somewhere and just used it on their web site. This is of course not legal unless the picture is explicitly a public domain photo or you have express (written) permission of the owner.

Despite me leaving a comment on the page violating my legal rights and Flickr’s terms of service there has for about a week now been no reply. The comment has not even been moderated so it is not visible to anyone else but the admins on the site or myself at the moment.