Podrunning 30 minutes

Here is a mixtape list for running 30 minutes that includes a 5:43 warmup and 7:09 cooldown and 30 min of actual running. I originally had a James Last song live here but it did not fit well with the audience applause and stuff so it has been replaced.

Most of these songs have a really high bpm to get your tempo and step cadence up to close of 180 steps a minute but they vary a little which your running also should.

  • WARMUP: Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz
  • RUN: Born to Boogie – Hank Williams Jr.
  • RUN: Vaterland – Melotron
  • RUN: Up Tempo – Leo Kottke
  • RUN: Rocka På – Markoolio
  • RUN: Bloodshot Eyes – Pat Benatar
  • RUN: Breakthru – Queen
  • RUN: Shame, Shame, Shame – Aerosmith
  • RUN: Lakeside Drive – Nitzer Ebb
  • COOLDOWN: Jamo – Cooldown Mix – Skyway

Warmup: 5:43, running 30:00, cooldown 7:09, total 42.9 minutes

And of course, here is the spotify link. Load your mobile spotify client up, select to use offline for the playlist and then keep running! Off-line mode is great since it does not drain your battery as fast and you can keep running even if your 3G coverages is not so good where you are running.

I’d love more tips on good running songs!