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Meny Stäng

Running onwards

Now that I have managed to graduate from the C25k programme it is time for phase 2. Trying to cement the distance 5 km to make it a comfortable distance and not a maximum performance. Therefore I have designed a 6 week programme of running to make the 5 km run at least once a week.


I believe it will be great fun to keep doing this although my first day on this running schedule was not great. I had a hard time running pretty early in the workout and it was tough all the way through. Partly because I had not eaten properly today I believe and I had some wine yesterday which always makes the running more of a pain.

I have decided to have my training days mostly on monday, wednesday and saturday, it fits pretty well with my schedule.  It also allows me to get two days of rest before the long run that ends every week and the next week starts with a lighter recovery run.

I am going to post a resummée every week how I am doing and if I have been running any new interesting tracks lately.

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