Etikettarkiv: 2005

Winter Approaching…

The winter is approaching, already people are talking about how we never seems to get any decent winters here in Stockholm any more, it is all about global warming and how the effects of increased CO2, methane, water vapor or other such greenhouse gases in the atmosphere may affect the climate.

I like winters, when the temperature is reasonably, say -10 to -5°C or so, that’s lovely. A nice sun shining and that’s great. But to remind everyone that we do actually gett good winters now and then and avoid the ”I don’t know when we had some realy snow last time” here is the winter of 2005-2006.

In a galaxy, far away…

Stockholm across Riddarfjärden
My street in the winter time.
Lake in Norberg

I am hoping for a winter with lots of snow because I want to test out IR photography in the winter time. I think it can be pretty awesome with the right light…