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Patrik Freij


We got to meet Patrik the first time in 2006. Then we hardly saw him for a while since he was working at Wallmans Salonger for a long time and we visited him there one magical night.

Patrik is involved in a long term project called Varietéteatern, he is an artist and actor and have worked with circus and theater for a long time.

He lives together with Ylva and their two kids on what used to be a farmsted in Trollsta, a few minutes from Segersän in Nynäshamns kommun in Stockholm.

In the same place there is another family as well with three kids and they are also involved in the same theatre project so there are two very nice houses there, a huge barn for repetitions and working out new acts, a workshop place to make props for the acts, a place to sew costumes.

We are so happy to know these people, every time we get there we are feeling so welcome and there is always something going on. If nobody is arc welding outside to make a home built solar panel for water heating, then there is someone sewing on a costume for a new.

Thank you guys! You rock!