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Training wk 20

Basingstoke was a bit of a strange place to me. Very sort of run down in the centre area, sad looking people in most places but once you got out of there to the Old Basing area it was different. Much nicer. So I did most of my running out to the east of the actual city and I liked it quite a bit actually.

The downside is the lack of sidewalks. It is a narrow road, 30/40 mph but people generally seems to drive a lot faster and the lack of sidewalks makes it a risky business to go running here in the dark so that is not recommended. I did my runs in the afternoon and that was ok though I had a close encounter with some stingy nettles trying to avoid a car at one time. I was running in shots.

Last day I ran in the War Memorial park, rather central to the Basingstoke city and it was a different experience. Lots of people there, children and dogs playing and then a number of drunks yelling offensive words at people walking (and jogging) past. Quite the experience when I answered back and decided to not run past them again ;)

Day by day

Starting of from the hotel at London Rd. and then around Basing Commons and back again. A nice route actually with asphalt the whole way. Made a couple of wrong turns on my way back but it did not matter, I was not out to do it on any particular time, I was just happy to go running.
Another round similar to Monday run but farther away in a bigger circle and checking out that nice old railway bride (and the pub on the other side, where we went back in the evening to grab some drinks and a meal) and it was a beautiful run! My legs was a little tired but I managed a steady and nice pace anyhow.
Around the War Memorial park in Basingstoke City. Nice place in general except for the drunks being rather offensive there.

This Week

Total distance 17,92 km Total tim 2:32:28 HMS
Avg tempo 8:31 min/km Avg. speed 7.1 km/h
Max. HR 168 bpm Avg. HR 154 bpm
Training Effect 4,4 TE/EPOC Energy spent 3 220 kcal
VO2(max) 49 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 194 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 83 l/min Max breathing 41 bpm

Last Week

Total distance 11.66 km Total tim 1:33:13 HMS
Avg tempo 8:00 min/km Avg. speed 7,5 km/h
Max. HR 172 bpm Avg. HR 150 bpm
Training Effect 4.1 TE/EPOC Energy spent 2 051 kcal
VO2(max) 51 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 201 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 83 l/min Max breathing 41 bpm

Better than last week, still under the 20 km I want to do in a a week on average (or more really) but still okay considering traveling and all that. Tempo is not so bad, running in unfamiliar terrain and so on, and the condition figures (mainly VO2max and ventilation) seems to be on the right track still.

I have decided that next week will be really good working out :)