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Danny Cowan Band

It was probably in 2002 or so when I first heard their music. I was listening to an internet radio station from Texas – the radio station has since long gone defunct, it was an underground radio station anyway with bad sound but good music.

All of a sudden they start playing a tune that really catches my attention and I really love the beat and the style not to mention the song, I frantically start trying to find out what the band is called and so I end up mailing the guy running the ShoutCast radio station and he actually came back to me and said ”They are called ’Danny Cowan Band’ and they are from just ’round the corner here.” The song that caught my attention was The Whip. Now go listen to it.

you know the whip’s coming down
coming down on you
we’re down in Texas land
you know heat’s on the rise
100 days of summer

So I set out to find their music on the net to hear more if possible and to buy their record. Turns out they got a small home page where you can listen to their tunes as MP3’s.

And then you can buy their record very cheaply paying through PayPal. Go buy it now. If you feel like some real texas blues you’ve come to the right place!

Drivin Back to TEXAS album cover
Drivin' Back to TEXAS album cover

Danny Cowan Group
Danny Cowan Group