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Kungsträdgården | The King’s Garden

Om det är någon tid på året man skall besöka Kungsan är det just nu. Sakura-träden blommar och folk har kommit fram ur sina hålor och njuter av en glass, en sushi eller varför inte en pizza direkt från kartongen sittandes njutandes av de härliga blommande träden.

Cherry Blossom
Sakura cherry blossom

If there is any time of the year to visit the Kungsträdgården it is now. The Sakura cherry trees are in full bloom and it will soon be over. People have come out from their winter hidings and are having ice creams, sushis to go or why not a pizza straight from the carton sitting around enjoying the scenery and the lovely blooming trees.

Kungsträdgården metro station

Kungsträdgården is one of the most remarkable underground metro stations in the Stockholm Metro system. It is the south end point of the blue line and from here it goes to both Akalla and Hjulsta. The Kungsträdgården stop is just one stop south of the central station, T-Centralen.

The station is located in the bedrock under Jakobsgatan, Jakobs church and Arsenalsgatan through the Kungsträdgården park area. The platform is about 35 meters below ground and can be reached through the entrances placed at Regeringsgatan/Gallerian or Arsenalsgatan. There are two tracks here and trains going to Hjulsta and Akalla always starts from the same side. The Akalla line sometimes have to cross tracks with south going trains and this causes frequent delays. Both tracks may change sides to left hand side traffic north of the platform since the whole metro system makes use of left hand side driving of the trains.

The artist who did the fabulous work in this station is called Ulrik Samuelson and he has found inspiration from the palaces around kungsträdgården. The red man here is a war god that used to sit on Riddarhusets (house of knights) roof there are also male and female torsos and many many other beautiful things to see here. If you are visiting Stockholm don’t miss this station!

The red guy
The Warrior God, or as he is well known as "the red guy"
One of the installations on either side of the entrance from Arsenalsgatan
Tunnel Art
Entrance from Arsenalsgatan showing the decorated roof, the floor and the installations on either side of the walkway.