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Review: Nikkor DX AF-S 55-200 f/4-5.6G ED

This is what the lens looks like half-extended.

This lens is usually bought as a step-up lens from the kit lens with the entry-level digital SLR cameras from Nikon. I got one as well before my first trip to Öland because I was still waiting for my 18-200/3.5-5.6 lens to arrive in the mail. As it turned out I would have to wait for more than six months for that beauty so I had some time to use the 55-200 and get aquainted with it.

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Nikon D90

The rumours have it that Nikon is about to reveal the D90 camera. It is said to have the following features:

  • 4.5 frames per second shooting speed
  • 12 megapixel resolution sensor
  • live view with video recording capability (and thus the camera is fitted with a microphone as well)!
  • a new kit lens, 18-105/3.5-5.6G with VR-II vibration reduction capability

I am sure that more information will be hitting the presses soon…

Nikkor Lens Designations


There is a lot of confusion among people on the net who recently bought a Nikon digital camera. So I was trying to clear up this concept once and for all. Please link to this site if you run a mailing list or similar where this question comes up now and then.

Nikkor is the brand of lenses produced by Nikon corporations. A lot of people refer to them simply as Nikon brand lenses or Nikon lenses. Don’t get confused, the trading name these lenses are sold under are Nikkor. Fortsätt läsa Nikkor Lens Designations