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Abiogenetic Petroleum Formation

A couple of days ago on Swedish television (channel 4) evening news was a kind of revelation to me. It turns out that KTH (the royal science academy in Stockholm) supports research of abiogenetic formation of petroleum.

Basically this means an alternate theory about how the planet’s oil reserves came to be. The generally accepted theory is that biomatter have transformed over time in the bedrock with heat and pressure into petrochemical compounds that we today are pumping (crude oil) and then refining into gasoline, diesel, kerosene, grease and so on.

But the alternate theroy says that there are coal deposists down in the earth that in the lower parts of the mantle are subjected to high temperature and pressure in the absence of oxygene and that all the necessary compounds are there to form oil in large quantities that are then pressed upwards through cracks in the earths crust to the oil deposists we today are tapping in to.

The interesting with this theory is that if it is true then we will probably not have much problem finding and using oil in the future. We may however not chose to do so for other reasons.

Looking around on the internet it seems that this abiogenetic theory of petroleum formation is not so new after all, it has been popular among certain scientists in the Soviet union from the fifties and the scientists here att KTH who do this reasearch are also of russian heritage.

Frontal figure here is professor Vladimir Kutcherov som tillsammans med Anton Kolesnikov och Alexander Goncharov that have shown a process in a laboratory where oil may form without the biomatter compounds that most mainstream scientist believe must be present.