Etikettarkiv: padlock

The Padlock

I did not realise it until last time I uploaded yet another picture of my favourite padlock that I have come back to this place over and over again visiting the same place and always stopping to take a picture of that.

I wonder what compelled me to take a photograph of it the first time, but I think I know what it was now, the structure on the steel casing. It is a hard steel casing in stainless steel alloy, hardened to make it difficult to saw into and break yet not too brittle as to be easy to crack with a switft blow of a stone.

The first time I just wanted to see how well my campera would focus and then it became a ritual, now I have shot this padlock with pretty much every lens I have ever used. Strange thing that.

This is the first time I visit the lock with my camera. I used a handy point and shoot at this time, a Nikon 8700, something of a step between your casual point and shoot and an entry-level SLR camera. This was just before I got my Nikon D70s camera. For that camera there was a built-in lens that would extend with 10x zoom factor, roughly in 35mm equivalency probably 24-240 mm focal length. This camera re-ignited my interest for photography and particularly digital photography when I got it for more than four years ago.
Padlock on the gate
This was taken the second time I visited the gate. It has now been painted over and som paint have splashed over it. This was shot with my trusty Nikon D70s that I have used for many years now. These days Jeanette is using it mostly with the fabulous 18-200 mm lens that I came to love so much with that camera. It is the perfect combo really, ready for almost anything at any time and still light weight, truly automatic and easy to use.
Anchor Lock
The last picture is taken with my latest camera the Nikon D300 using the 16-85 mm lens that I use quite often with this camera. The lock is now attacked by some rust in some places, but not badly so and it is a great combination that covers a reasonable wide angle up to normal portrait focal lengths.

Now you have seen three representative pictures of an Anchor padlock. But wait. The one in the middle picture is actually not the same lock. Take a look at the numbers at the top of the lock. In the middle picture the numbers are not the same or are they? Perhaps the lock has just been turned around. Or did they chage it and then back again?

The plot thickens.