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Training Wk 19

This week I was working with the radio systems all the week and I managed only two workouts which felt a little bad but that’s life sometimes. On Sunday I left for Basingstoke, UK for training with Motorola on their TETRA system so the next week is all about running in Basingstoke.

Day by day

Jogging at Järvafältet. My nice 8 km route there was begging for me to come out and it felt really good. Nice tempo as well, around 8 min/km which is not bad considering…
Slammertorp route here in Kallhäll. All the way, the most hilly part as well. 7:33 tempo and a nice runners high actually.

This Week

Total distance 11.66 km Total tim 1:33:13 HMS
Avg tempo 8:00 min/km Avg. speed 7,5 km/h
Max. HR 172 bpm Avg. HR 150 bpm
Training Effect 4.1 TE/EPOC Energy spent 2 051 kcal
VO2(max) 51 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 201 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 83 l/min Max breathing 41 bpm

Last Week

Total distance 20.54 km Total tim 2:55:02 HMS
Avg tempo 8:31 min/km Avg. speed 7.0 km/h
Max. HR 162 bpm Avg. HR 149 bpm
Training Effect 4.0 TE/EPOC Energy spent 3 405 kcal
VO2(max) 47 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 80 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 90 l/min Max breathing 41 bpm

Not enough workouts really, will regard this week as a maintaining week but not very developing. Although I managed to up the pulse a bit with some good VO2max results as well. Next week I will be running in Basingstoke so we will have to see how that works out :)

Wk 16 Playlist

This weeks playlist is the soundtrack of alien life. All music are parts of movies that I like from films about life extraordinnaire.

Get soundtrack here.

  • Dream is collapsing
  • Bad Things
  • After Dark
  • Cat People (Putting out fire with Gasoline)
  • El Tango de Roxanne
  • Eye of the Tiger
  • Mombasa
  • Theme from Salt
  • On the Road Again
  • Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon
  • I See You
  • Lothlorien
  • The Bioluminescensce of the Night
  • Inception – Mind Heist
  • Batman: Dark Knight
  • Rambo
  • He’s a Pirate
  • Wolverine
  • Becoming one of ”The People”
  • Theme from Sherlock Holmes
  • Dexter
  • Star Trek
  • Not Human
  • Mogadishu Blues
  • You’ll be in my Heart
  • Lust for Life

Podrunning 60 minutes

Here is my 60 minutes podrunning Spotify link. This version includes also a warmup phase 6:03 and a cooldown phase that is 4:36 with softer music.

Running Wild

This is the list I currently keep in my android phone for a good outdoor run. The songs are a strange mix between soft and hard with a lot of love for Electronic Body Music of course.

(Yes the photo above was taken by me.)

  1. Warmup – So Klingt Liebe – And One – 6:03
  2. Running – Lucifer – Blutengel – 5:38
  3. Running – I Feel Love – The Blue Man Group – 5:13
  4. Running – On Fire – T-Connection – 7:26
  5. Running – Mambo Witch – A Split Second – 7:48
  6. Running – Headhunter (Live) – Front 242 – 4:40
  7. Running – Above – Blue Man Group – 2:46
  8. Running – Ruder Than You – Liberator – 2:45
  9. Running – Dammit – Blink 182 – 2:45
  10. Running – Sent to Destroy – Combichrist – 6:23
  11. Running – Radioactivität – Kraftwerk – 7:23
  12. Running – Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits – 5:36
  13. Running – Cherry Blossom – Nitzer Ebb – 5:>30
  14. Running – Det Vete Fan – Movits – 2:57
  15. Cooldown – Do you want the truth or something beautiful? – Paloma Faith – 4:36

All in one glorious running package!

Podrunning 45 minutes

Here is my 45 min podrunning list of music. Works great to run to. This list however is without warmup and cooldown so it is just that, 45 minutes of nice jogging music ending with a United States Marines march when you are really tired.

Have fun!



  1. Eye of the Tiger / Survivor [4:06]
  2. Panzermensch / And One [5:05]
  3. Walk Away / Dropkick Murphys [2:51]
  4. Mercy Me / Alkaline Trio [2:49]
  5. Menschenfresser – Klubmischung / Melotron [4:55]
  6. Battle without honor or humanity / Tomoyasu Hotel [2:29]
  7. Walking on Sunshine / Katrina (formerly of the Waves) [3:55]
  8. Isn’t it funny how your body works / Nitzer Ebb [3:47]
  9. Arroganz Der Liebe / Melotron [3:48]
  10. At Midnight / T-Connection [9:44]
  11. We Run Through the Jungle with Our M-16s / The US Marine Corps [1:29]

All in one glorious running package!

A Spotify Journey into EBM

Electronic Body Music groups: The Cassandra Complex, Die Krupps, Melotron, A Split Second, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, à;GRUMH, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Cat Rapes Dog, DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode…

These are for me the most prominent EBM bands I was listening to in high-school and later and still comes back to now and then. Now thanks to spotify I can share a link with Ichimusais Essential EBM where you can listen to some of these ground breaking bands greatest…

Here is your essential guide to Electronic Body Music.

Spotify EBM Tour by Ichimusai

Enjoy on your way to work or just if you are suffering from insomnia for some reason…

Spotify for Android

Now there is a spotify client both for the Android and for the iPhone. The client can also sync music for offline listening. This is such great news, I can bring my playlists from spotify where me wherever I go and listen anywhere as long as there is space on my memory card everything should be dandy.

The iPhone version apparently stops playing in the background something Apple demanded it should do, but on the Android background playing works GREAT so now I can strem music while I jog and can set up the playlist on my computer at home or pretty much everywhere and then just sync it with my phone.

So now the phone not only tracks my workout times and distance using the GPS, it also plays the music to my mood and this is something I have been waiting for some time now.

Time to become a premium member, the ad-financed version of spotify does not cover the mobile version but I don’t care. 99 SEK for a month is nothing compared to the joy it is bringing…