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Training Wk 19

This week I was working with the radio systems all the week and I managed only two workouts which felt a little bad but that’s life sometimes. On Sunday I left for Basingstoke, UK for training with Motorola on their TETRA system so the next week is all about running in Basingstoke.

Day by day

Jogging at Järvafältet. My nice 8 km route there was begging for me to come out and it felt really good. Nice tempo as well, around 8 min/km which is not bad considering…
Slammertorp route here in Kallhäll. All the way, the most hilly part as well. 7:33 tempo and a nice runners high actually.

This Week

Total distance 11.66 km Total tim 1:33:13 HMS
Avg tempo 8:00 min/km Avg. speed 7,5 km/h
Max. HR 172 bpm Avg. HR 150 bpm
Training Effect 4.1 TE/EPOC Energy spent 2 051 kcal
VO2(max) 51 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 201 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 83 l/min Max breathing 41 bpm

Last Week

Total distance 20.54 km Total tim 2:55:02 HMS
Avg tempo 8:31 min/km Avg. speed 7.0 km/h
Max. HR 162 bpm Avg. HR 149 bpm
Training Effect 4.0 TE/EPOC Energy spent 3 405 kcal
VO2(max) 47 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 80 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 90 l/min Max breathing 41 bpm

Not enough workouts really, will regard this week as a maintaining week but not very developing. Although I managed to up the pulse a bit with some good VO2max results as well. Next week I will be running in Basingstoke so we will have to see how that works out :)