Etikettarkiv: post processing


Detta är en manuellt tillverkad HDR-bild. HDR betyder ”high dynamic range” och gör att man kan komprimera en bilds tonomfång på ett sätt så att man både kan exponera för mörka och ljusa partier samtidigt. I detta fall har jag tagit två stycken bilder, en som är korrekt exponerad för det man ser genom vindrutan och en bild exponerad för manöverpanelen på tåget. Sedan har jag lagt dessa bilder som två olika lager i Photoshop, lagt på en lagermask och sedan ”målat fram” bilden i vindrutan över den andra exponeringen. Till sist har jag plattat till bilden, sparat den som TIFF och konverterat en kopia till JPEG.

Bilden är tagen under en radiosystemstestning när vi åkte pendeltåg mellan Södertälje och Gnesta.

Commuter Train

This is a manually made HDR by the way. HDR means ”high dynamic range” and is a technique to compress the tonal range from several pictures so that you can expose for dark and light parts at the same time. Two exposures necessary, one with the proper settings to expose the outdoors properly and one to expose the instrumentation. Then I put them together in Photoshop, applied a layer mask and then painted through the instrument panel, flattened the image, saved as a TIFF and exported as a JPEG.

This picture was taken when we were doing radio system test drives last tuesday and we had great fun in the older trains (which I prefer, the X1/X6 and X10 rather than the new X60).

Ye Olde Theatre | Den gamla teatern

Here is finally some results from a wonderful photo shoot in the studio together with Karin who is the model in all these pictures. We were aiming for getting that feeling of old French postcards á la 1920ies or so – and here is the first set on display, there will be at least one more set later on since we got so many nice pictures from this session.

Till sist här är en del av resultatet från en mycket trevlig session i studion tillsammans med Karin som är modellen i alla bilderna. Vi försökte få till känslan i gamla franska vykort från säg 1920-tal ungefär. Det kommer minst ett set till efter detta eftersom vi fick ihop en hel del trevliga bilder.

Silk stockings
Behind the screen
Behind the Screen
After the show
The Corset
In the mirror
Finishing Touches
Posing to the audience
Queen of Drama
The Prima Donna
The Final Moment

Two Sunsets

Alien world - Sunset I post-processed this in Adobe Lightroom after thinking the originall was a bit bland and dull. I kind of like the result here.


Sunset with CanoeI believe that the canoe is making most of this December sunset picture. It is interesting how such a small object in such a small part of the photograph can become the main focus of interest really.The post process included some contrast fixing and white balance touch-up.

Night Watch

Nochnoy Dozor /  The Night Watch
Taken in Kallhäll, Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden. Using a Nikon D70s, Tamron SP Di 90mm f/2.8 Macro. Post processed in Adobe Lightroom

The night watch is the only thing that stands beteen the darkness and the light. Always vigilant, keeping the walking path safe for those who thread it between dusk and dawn. In the twilight the night watch is relieved by the day watch and they nod to eachother as they pass by — enemies by birth and choice but restricted by the ancient cease-fire between them.

They are old now, older than anyone can imagine and they are not easily seen unless they chose to reveal themselves. Unless you are a seer you may only once or twice in your life time catch a glimpse of the Watch as they move effortlessly through the night.