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Skogskyrkogården / The Woodland Cemetery

This was my fourth  attempt to reach the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the famous must-sees in Stockholm, especially if you are interested in architecture.

The previous times things have come up that have prevented me to go, and now I set out without telling anyone else and just went there. Of course I had some bad luck and killed one of my flashes so that one needs to go to the repair shop :( Always something. However the trip resulted in some pictures from a blistering cold January day in the south end of Stockholm at the woodland cemetery.

Woodland chapel
The wood chapel
The chapel of the holy cross
Chapel of the holy cross.
The famous cross.
Steps to the Remembrance Garden
Remembrance Garden
Rememberance Garden
Remembrance garden
Seven wells path
Path to the chapel of resurrection
Greta Garbo
Entrance to chapel
Chapel of Resurrection

In Khmer Country

A few years ago in 2004 I had the opportunity to go to Cambodia. It is a fascinating country in many ways and it serves us well to remember that it was not long ago Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge spread fear and terror in trying to implement his distorted idea of communism in the countryside. Pol Pot executed so many educated people that the country was left depleted of knowledge. With help of their neighbour countries such as Thailand and other world-wide associations Cambodia is coming back now as a proper functioning country.

The Lion Temple

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