Etikettarkiv: stone and sea


The Giants
Taken in the Faroe Islands. Nikon D70s, Nikkor 18-70/3.5-5.6G ED-IF, Adobe Lightroom

The gigants came from the sea, for a full man-age they walked across the ocean floor under the waters but now they reached the shores of the Faroe Islands. Their goal to move the islands from the coast of Scotland closer to Iceland and this mission is one only Gigants can do.

It was a terrible work that started, and the people on the Islands fled inland with their sheep and goats, having secured their boats, terrified to fall into the north atlantic ocean while the gigants were shaking their homes.

So busy by the incredible work was the Gigants, that they did not notice that the break of dawn was approaching them. When the sun raise above the horizon sendin its golden rays down the Gigants was caught by surprise and turned to stone where they stood.

Still you can see many of them around the coast lines of the Faroe Islands and in the fog coming in from the sea you may yet see some of them still putting their back into it, trying to shift the Islands ever so slightly.