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Visit to the Citybanan tunnel

Today I visited the Stockholm Underworld again, first time actually after leaving my position with SL, the local transport company here in Stockholm, and it was quite fun. Citybanan is a huge train tunnel being built straight cross Stockholm city. It is to make life easier for the multitude of commuter trains that runs south to north and back again, basically covering the northeast, southwest, nortwest and southeast of the city with fast commute on the normal rail.

This excursion was an open visit arranged by Trafikverket who are having the tunnels built and it was a pretty good walk in the underground. And of course I brought the camera. Here are some pictures.

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The tunnel mouth

Going down the ramp into the tunnel here. About 3 900 people had visited before we got to go down. It was a lot of people everywhere but it was fun. A lot of kids liked it as well, but we saw one that did not want to go down the tunnel, after queueing more than two hours…

Going down the ramp

More moist here than I am used to in the tunnels under stockholm, probably because it is in construction still. Water is used to bind dust among other things, or to cool when drilling and so on.

Hjullastare / Wheel Loader

A pretty standard Wheel Loader for mines and tunnels like this.

Taking pictures

This gives an idea on the conditions in the tunnel. 

Long shutter time

Another picture with longer exposure. 

Twin lift

Another machine parked for us to take pictures of.

The drilling rig

This got to be the coolest machine in the mine. The drilling rig. Feel that power.


Different parts looked quite different as well.

Alien Tunnel

Entrance from Solna.

The exit of the tunnel

And about to get out the other end.