The Cement Factory

The big chimneys that have now stopped smoking a long time ago...

In Stora Vika south east of Stockholm towards Nynäshamn there is a curious old abandoned factory. It used to be a cement factory and has been left to its own demise for the last twenty years or so. Not entirely true since several companies have bought hand used parts of the facilities but most of it has not been touched much since the closing. The area is owned by TallOil right now, a company producting pellets for heating.

I have been trying to contact them for getting permissions to go on site properly and shoot some interior pictures but it has proved difficult to find someone who could do that. Instead I climbed the nearby hills and shot from above in infrared and natural light and the result was these pictures where I was trying to show some of the decay of the old factory.

The first thing you notice are the immense chimneys from the plant. They can be seen from hills very far away and they are still standing without maintenance for such long time, says something about the quality of the structures they built in these days. Many other similar places have had their chimneys demolised long ago.

These stairs leads down from the nearby hilltop to the factory. Apparantly there was some mechanism in work here that needed maintenance, workers seems to have used the stairt often to go up the hill and check on this. On top of the hill there is a huge hole in the ground. One could probably clim down it but it is probably not safe to do so, at least not without having company when exploring.
Abandoned Industry IR+Real
This is an infrared shot showing the decaying main industrial building. Grass and plants are growing on the roof now.
Nature Overtaking
The whole setting is very idyllic these days.

I will keep trying to get permission to go on site to shoot from the inside. That would be a great expedition I’m sure. If you are interested in tagging along on this, leave a comment on this post and I will let you know if I can get permissions to do it.