The new job

Two days in the new job we packed up and went to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was a very long time since I was there the last time and that was a completely different thing. Now that I am back in Sweden again and in the office and have had some time to think I realize how much more fun it is to work in a small company than a huge gigant.

Barcelona was great, 20-21C in the middle of the day, a bit chilly at night but not enough to prevent us from going to some really nice restaurants and having a good time. Couple of nights out was pretty late but mostly we got back in time to attend the booth at the fair the next morning without to dark bags under the eyes.

The picture is from Sunday evening, when the exhibition was not open yet and we were putting everything together before the show opened Monday morning 9 am. It was hectic and full of life and we had a pretty great time, met lots of interesting people and quite a few from Sweden (the RF business here is not *that* big really) and it was all fun.

I’m at Deltanode Solutions if you don’t know. Hey, if you need RF repeaters or Fiber-DAS, give me a ring!