Training Wk 37

Four weeks of renovation at home has effectively put an end to all workouts. There has just not been enough time and energy to do any serious running or anything else for that matter. Working full time and then coming home trying to squeeze in an hour or two before it is too late for the neighbours listening to drilling, sawing, nailing… and then the weekends trying to get everything together but still do something fun now and then.

It’s done. Well the main tough work is there, we now have a completely renovated bedroom with a really smart storage solution under the bed, we have a new hallway and we have redecorated the ceilings, walls and floor. We stripped everything down to the bare concrete and then built it up again. Finally everything is in place except some small details that we can do later on.

Monday: 7,95 km – gravel roads at Järvafältet
Tuesday: Resting
Wednesday: 7,95 km – gravel roads at Järvafältet
Thursday: Resting
Friday: Resting
Saturday: 5 km – asphalt in Täby
Sunday: Resting

So the workouts have resumed again. Monday I went to my 8k track at the Järva fields, it was great the first 3 km, then my hip started telling me it wasn’t really happy and the last 3 km I alternated between slow jogging and fast-paced walking. It was pretty tough and I had to walk a lot on the last 4 km. I believe in total I probably walked 2,5 km and jogged the rest.

On wednesday I did the same route again and this time I managed to jog the full 8 km with only a very quick stop for some stretching and then moving on. It felt really good that night in the forest, I could barely make out the road ahead of me in the starlight but I had my Clas-Ohlson cap with built-in lights to guide me when it got really dark.

Saturday we had the movie night with our friends in Täby and I managed to squeeze in a 5 k run together with my friend Jenny around Näsby Park which was wonderful, despite the light drizzle and rather cold weather, it was definitely pleasant anyway. Must be the company.

Summary of this week


The week then ended with a 2 day session at Yasuragi japanese spa outside Stockholm. It was wonderful.