Training wk 9

Good week actually. Personal best on friday doing sub-40 minutes on 5 k run (treadmill) and it feels really good. Legs are great, knees holding, condition improving fast and I have started to feel that I might actually be able to get to the 10 k run sooner than I expected. The whole week was great.

I also discovered how fun it is to run intervals on the tredmill. Can’t say it’s much fun just running but when you do intervals the extra strain takes your mind completely away from the dullness of running on the thing.

I am doing intervals of 2/3 minutes with 2 min jogging in a tougher tempo and 3 min of slow jogg-down to get the heart rate down. Then repeating over and over again. Easy since treadmill keeps track of the time and you can manually alter between the speeds. So basically on minutes 0 and 1 and 5 and 6 hard running and then the rest a more easy-paced jogg.

Results immediately. Personal best on 5 km. So in the future I think that two interval runs and one slower paced long-distance run will be the recipe for me in the coming weeks.