Training Wk34

First real week in a while now actually. I thought that my break had been something like 6 weeks from regular exercise but in actual fact it was more than 8 weeks. It was as always hard to start again, lots of procrastination but I managed to get three regular exercises in this week so that was great. Back to routine again, back at work as well.

Soo the autumn will be here full force, the best time in the year of going running if you ask me. Very nice usually when the temperature is around 10°C I like it best. We have already started to get the tell-tale morning fog that means weather will soon be more cool.

Day by day

The illuminated track here in Kallhäll. The Murder Hill was terrible but I did not stop and walk. No, I just managed to get myself around it without a single walk. Condition was terrible and legs weak.
1,5 km warmup and then met up with training buddy Camilla for some runner strength exercises and then intervals. A football field on the diagoal, then slow on the short side, then diagonal at full speed again… 4 times. Ended with slow jogging and some walking for another 2,5 km.
Asphalt / Gravel mix, 4 km. Weak legs but low pulse. It felt strange but I attribute that to having lost some muscle mass and the condition improving faster than the muscles.

This Week

Total distance 11,79 km Total tim 2:08:36 HMS
Avg tempo 9:05 min/km Avg. speed 6,6 km/h
Max. HR 177 bpm Avg. HR 151 bpm
Training Effect 4,4 TE/EPOC Energy spent 1 626 kcal
VO2(max) 30 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 156 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 102 l/min Max breathing 46 bpm

Last Week

Nothing to report, just one run.