Training Wk38

This is the training for week 38:

Monday: Resting (Yasuragi was sooo nice)
Tuesday: 3 km on treadmill and then gym (shoulders) 20 min.
Wednesday: Resting
Thursday: Resting
Friday: Resting
Saturday: Resting
Sunday: Resting

What is not so nice is that i gained another 2 kg during my absence. That’s something to deal with now, less carbs in the food, more protein and overall less calories and more physical exercise.

After my tuesday run I started having problems with my right foot. A pain inside that does not want to go away and gets worse after walking around for a day. It does not seem to get too much affected by running short distances  but this week was mainly resting the foot and getting some anti-inflammatory NSAID medication I hope it will be better next week.

I know it will!