Early Morning in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the old town in Stockholm. It is generally a lovely and photogenic place but also very often full of tourists. To avoid the crowds I made a date with a good friend JAKB there to shoot some early morning pictures and this is the result of this excursion.

Almost Seven

The light at this time of day is quite fantastic, especially from a cloud-less sky in the summer time as this day was. Even if it was a little chilly the light was quite fantastic and walking through old town at this hour with hardly anyone else about is a very nice feeling.


This is one of my favourite pictures from the walk around. The sun is just behind the building and the light is then reflected in the surrounding building’s windows creating a play of light on the building behind the statue.

The Light Comes In

The morning light, just like the evening light, takes on that special ”Scandinavian Light” which is a little difficult to explain but the tones are extremely warm and nice and it is a joy to photograph it.

Stairs and Steps

Old town is always interesting with its small alleys, nooks and crannies. You can just feel yourself transported back to the 17th or 18th century and lose yourself in the mists of history.

If you get the chance to go early into town, around 06:00 on a normal weekday you would have Gamla Stan more or less to yourself. Except for a few people on their way back home from the last pub closing…