I have cultivated many interests but one that has remained one of my top interests for a long time is photography. Six years ago I bought my first digital camera, it was a small HP camera that used to eat batteries like crazy. I had that for a couple of years and then I bough a Nikon 8700 point and shoot camera which was very nice but slow in the start up and not as expandible.

Me and the cat "Lusse"

I wanted a proper camera system so I got myself the Nikon D70s and this is what I have been using ever since. It is a great camera and even though there are many newer models out, recently the D700 being the latest addition to the prosumer segment from Nikon I still love this camera. Not that I don’¨t want to upgrade to the D300 or similar – but the D70s is still such a great machine that I don’t really feel a compelling need, just not yet. Even if the camera is about 4 years old – an eon by today’s camera standards – I use it almost every day.

In my camera bag

I am using a Lowepro Trekker backpack most of the time. This bag is great since it allows me to carry several lenses and accessories with me everywhere, and also important, the GPS to track my movements :-)


  • Nikon D70s house.
  • Nikon D300 house.


  • Nikkor AF-S VR 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF my main allround lens usually mounted on the house. Filter Ø72mm.
  • Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8 a great lens with that extra crisp sharpness, great to use in low light conditions as well as for portraits even if you have to go quite close to your subjects. Filter Ø52mm.
  • Tamron 90mm f/2,8 Macro this lovely macro lens is used for all types of close-up and sometimes also for portraits. Filter Ø55mm.
  • Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300/4.5-5.6G ED-IF a wonderful telezoom that gets you closer and sharper than the 18-200 ever dreamed of.
  • Nikkor AF-S DX VR 16-86/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF a cool wide-angle but you have to use it with care, it has some barrel distorsion that you might not expect.


  • SB-600 camera hot-shoe flash.
  • SB-800 camera hot-shoe flash.
  • Lastolite 5-in-1 reflector screen, (white, silver, gold, shoot through diffusor, black absorber).
  • Silver umbrella on stand with hotshoe mount for flash.
  • Remote flash cable controlling the SB-600 or SB-800 on a stand for example.


  • Circular polarising filters Ø72, Ø55
  • Skylight filter for use when WB is set to a fixed value Ø52.
  • Infrared filter blocking visible light, Ø72.
  • NDx4 filters (2 of them) for allowing longer exposure times.
  • Steprings 72->68 and 68->52 meaning I can use filters on the prime 50mm lens as well.


  • GPS receiver (Magellan eXplorist XL) for geotagging pictures.

I do want a superwide lens as well, that would be a great complement, perhaps the Nikkor 12-24mm or Sigma 10-20 or something in this range. I am not too fond of fish-eyes but a super wide would have many uses, architecture, landscape, infrared photography it would be great.

Contact Me

  • ICQ: 1645566
  • Yahoo: ichimusai
  • Flickr: ichimusai
  • MSN: ichimusai@hotmail.com (not for e-mail, goes straight to the dump)
  • AOL: ichimusai1972
  • Google Talk / Jabber: ichimusai@gmail.com
  • IRC: ichimusai@IRCNet#AmigaSWE
  • Email: ichi@ichimusai.org (Spam filtered)

Other interests

I am also very fond of all things electronic, I work as a software engineer presently but I have worked with many things. I have been eight years at a company here in Stockholm, Sweden where I started as a test engineer, then I worked with the systems design departmenet for a while and after that I became the customer support manager for a number of years. Now I am working as a software engineer instead which gives me more time to keep up with my hobby – photography.

I am generally interested in computers and know my way around several different systems including HP-UX and Irix to mention a few not so common systems any more. I use mainly Linux and also Windows when I have to.


Please email me for any personal information such as addres, phone number and so on. ichi@ichimusai.org (spam filtered email)


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