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Google Buzz

I have just tried out Google Buzz, a twitter-like service from Google which is available through Google Mail right now. Clients are expected for mobile phones of various makes soon.

I like the concept although it’s not as innovative as twitter was when it came it is still a really good implementation of a social microblogging feature. That Google saves it in ”conversations” just like email threads is what makes it great. Even people you are not following are included in the conversations so they are quite complete and nice.

It integrates with many google services and Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and so on and your own web side if you have an RSS feed from it, therefore I think it is a great integrator of what you are doing.

People have however raised concerns over that if you join the service then anyone following are able to see the email addresses you routinely email with. I am not too concerned about this but you might want to think through this before joining.


I have in the past been a very listful person with lists of many aspects in my life. Then came a time when I decided that lists was running me rather than me keeping track of what was necessary and so I stopped using lists to manage my life and actually most of the time when you forget something important someone will remember you.

However I have recently started listing things again and I just wanted to share this wonderful site for everyone who likes lists:

Remember the milk

It’s just lovely. And they have mobile phone clients for iPhone, Android and so on as well. Really nice. Keep as many lists as you want.

My favorite list app on the Android is Astrid — she will remember the things I forget and haunt me (she is a ghost after all) if I don’t do them in time. Great stuff everyone! Astrid can be used with or without syncing with of course. And Astrid means ”Android Simple Task Recording Dashboard”. We <3 Astrid.

Ichimusai at

Jag har numera också en liten sida på så att de sessioner jag lägger upp med andra modeller som finns där kan visas i deras portfolio.

Min sida

Sajten är en sajt för modeller, fotografer, sminkörer, stylister m.fl. att sammanstråla för att göra fantastiska fotoevent eller bara en kul grej. Det finns en uppsjö med möjligheter och ideer här. Medlemsskap är gratis men kostar lite om man vill ha fler möjligheter att lägga upp mer bilder osv.

Cooliris 1.9

This is a wonderful way of browsing photographic sites such as Flickr and others. It transforms your web browser into a sort of cinematic way to discover the photos and scroll through them.

Although I am not certain exactly what it is good for it is at least impressively fast and very nicely done and it plugs in with Flickr greatly. When checking out someones photo stream it is a lovely little tool.

Get it here.


Are you looking for some nice business cards or would like to make some cool postcards with your own design and pictures? This site can grab your Flickr images and then make business cards, mini cards, post cards and other stuff straight off with your own design.

You can even have each card be a complete individual with a different unique picture on each of your business cards.

I just placed and order for a stack, I will tell you more when it arrives in the mail in a few days…

[Update 2008-10-15]

I got my cards a long time ago but have neglected to update this page, sorry for that. Here it is anyway! Iam thrilled with the service from, they are excellent. My package was sent using New Zealand mail and therefore the Swedish customs charged me import toll fees, even though the package was actually sent from the UK. gave me the money back for that and then some immediately and had a talk with their courier to make sure this would not happen again.

The quality is excellent and I really love the look and feel of these!


A lot of people find the background choice of Flickr to be a little annoying, they would prefer for example a black background when viewing someones pictures. There are several hacks to accomodate this and some greasemonkey scripts but one of the simplest is blackr.

Just click the button and it will switch to black.

Click again and it is back to normal. Very few distractions from viewing the picture.

Google Chrome

I have now tested the new browser from Google and although I kind of like many things with it there are also a few things that makes me hesitant to swith from Firefox and this is mainly photo related.

Chrome has some advantages, first of all the rendering engine is very fast so for normal surfing it is great. Even more so if there are pages that are heavily loaded with Javascript, that’s really when Chrome shines. It also runs the scripts in a sandbox making it impossible for one script to find out what your other windows are doing and if one page crashes only that tab is destroyed, the other onese keep working well. That’s brilliant stuff all of it.

The down side is that while running an individual sandbox for each tab is efficient from a security standpoint it is also very inefficient as far as system resources goes. I frequently have 20-30 tabs open and that just does not work well on my system, probably memory constraints that is the biggest problem here. This makes me have to change the way I use tabs and that gets in the way for me.

Another thing is that I use quite a few Greasemonkey scripts in Firefox to enhance my Flickr experience among other things. They do not work in Chrome out of the box. There is a Greasemonkey replacement called Greasemetal for Chrome but it does not run all the scripts yet and the problems are somewhat strange so I’d rather not use it.

Google has changed the user licence for Chrome, they no longer claim the rights to the material posted through the web browser, which I gather was never the intention in the first place but the way some people and online journalists construed things.

So all in all, while a promising alternative I will be sticking to my Firefox for the foreseable future.