I have in the past been a very listful person with lists of many aspects in my life. Then came a time when I decided that lists was running me rather than me keeping track of what was necessary and so I stopped using lists to manage my life and actually most of the time when you forget something important someone will remember you.

However I have recently started listing things again and I just wanted to share this wonderful site for everyone who likes lists:

Remember the milk

It’s just lovely. And they have mobile phone clients for iPhone, Android and so on as well. Really nice. Keep as many lists as you want.

My favorite list app on the Android is Astrid — she will remember the things I forget and haunt me (she is a ghost after all) if I don’t do them in time. Great stuff everyone! Astrid can be used with or without syncing with of course. And Astrid means ”Android Simple Task Recording Dashboard”. We <3 Astrid.