Solna Badlands

The Solna Badlands is a term created jokingly when we went there to photograph the industrial decay in the area that was partly due to that all companies had to leave the place in order to make room for the new national arena.

Towards the National Swedbank Arena
Me in front of some chucked away coucht. Camera on tripod with 18-200mm. B&W and square crop in post-processing

Several companies dealing in scrap metal and other such businesses were more or less abandoned over the day and this resulted in an interesting place where we set off to document it before everything was torn down to make room for ”Swedbank Arena” the new national arena here.

So we set off on a cloudy overcast day to the Solna Badlands. Some of us had been there before and for some it was the first time. We found several interesting motifs to photograph and here is a collection of my own personal favourites from the expedition.

Sadly for photographers there is nothing left of the badlands today. It’s all gone now and instead we have the Swedbank Arena for football (soccer) lovers out there to play on. The whole area was a bit of a sore on the Solna map and it is actually turned into a rather nice place.

It is difficult to find places of decaying industry in Sweden actually, much more so than in some countries. But I guess it is something to be greatful for in a way of course. I so regret that I did not have my IR filter for this place, it would have been very nice.

Another place – another time.

Old Dashboard

Oil Barrels

Wheel Bearing

That Engine

Steel City

Speak No More