Sunday Walk with Camera

I set off on a sunday walk and brought the camera along. On purpose I only took my 50mm lens because I really like to find more and more ways of using it.

Before the Rain
This is a panoramal. I shot seven pictures handheld with the 50mm in portrait orientation, then stitched them togehter in photoshop and added transformations to perspective correct it and then saved it as JPEG. Here is the result. You really should view it large...

Don't eat my friend
This is one of my favourite pieces of grafitti. It is shown on the concrete foundation to a bridge over the railway and it has been there several years now, it does not seem that any other artists wish to paint it over. Just as well, it is a great peace of art in my opinion.
Shooting Range
The kallhäll shooting range for small arms. Interesting place to photograph really, I spent some time here.
Shows where people stand when they are shooting.
Also here I found some interesting grafitti, the whole place covered in tags but here and there someone had actually also painted something nice.
Thrown away stuff
Lots of trash laying around if you peek in the back door...
I am by no means an expert but judging from this I'd say that 9mm is a popular caliber here. I also found lots of .22 caliber shells.
Bullet hole
When you miss the target the bullet ends up here.
Artsu Birch Trees
Walking on I came to a place where several birch trees were growing. Setting a long exposure time and moving the camera produced this effect.
Left or Right
I was caught in a rain storm on my way home, I used my t-shirt to protect the camera since I did not even bring anything for it.