Europride 2008 – Stockholm

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Rainbow Flag
The rainbow flag, the symbol for the pride movement globally.

We sat out pretty early anticipating a lont of people in town for the big pride parade. This year bigger than anything seen before and although the weather was not so nice it was already people on Hornsgatan, one of the major spots where people gather to see the parade, at eleven in the morning, two hours before the start and three hours before they were expected to arrive at this location.

After a brief breakfast at Café Puck we staked out a good position slightly above the street the parade was going to come through. The weater then quickly turned to worse and a light drizzle started. And then it turned into showers and then quite heavy rain. Did not matter, people were gathering by the thousands anywat.

A 152 groups were marching today and countless of other people, supporting and cheering. Notable events from the parade were the Gay Police community, proud parents to LGBT children and nothing could hold back the lovely mood, not even the pouring rain!

I think the best moment that I had from the whole parade was the proud parents when they walked in, the cheer that rose from the crowd was ear-deafening and the appaluds never seems to cease! It was heart warming to say the least.

I had good use for the towel that I have on my list to bring always for excursions, but of course this time I forgot it and was saved by Jeanette who brought one! (She does that a lot. Saves me, that is.)

The light conditions were far from ideal, it was raining and it was difficult to get the shutter times required to freeze motion, therefore you will see some motion blurring in the pictures, and I needed to use the 18-200 lens this time to be able to capture both wide angles and zoom in on single faces. Wit an aperture from f/3,5-5,6 it was sometimes difficult to get good exposures. But some of the pictures came out pretty good in my own opinion.

This effect is not post-processed but created byt zooming and shooting at low shutter speed at the same time.

What can you say, hilarious, funny and just a tad edgy at the same time!

Swedish Gay Policemen (and women)
Swedish gay policemen (and women). This was one of the many pleasant surprises, it was a huge crowd walking down that street...
Moderaterna - a rather right-wing traditionalist party is reforming quite a bit. They had a pretty big gay community parading today!
Most people seemed to enjoy themeselves immensely during the parade. Great photo ops for us who love to sneak in a close-up now and then.
Biker Chicks
The t-shirt on the bike says: "Marching for those who can't".
Vespa Chick
Chicks on bikes can be pink too!
Winter parade
One of the coolest in the whole parade, artificial snow and really well done. Too bad I did not have a very good angle for capturing it!