Etikettarkiv: 2008

Autumn 2008

So the autumn here is nearing winter, the weather is getting colder and many trees have already lost their coloured leaves. There are still some brigh coloured trees around here and there but there are more branches becoming barren and winterlike every day.

The evergreens remains of course, the firs, pines and the spruce trees, the most common evergreens in Sweden. Here is a collection of some of my favourites for the autumn 2008, in no way complete but these are some of the shots that carry special meaning and rememberance for me.

Enjoy the slide show.

Infrared of Dalälven

Infrared shot of the river Dalälven
Shot using IR filter from Skutskär looking west upwards of the river. There is a bridge in the background with three lights on that I really liked the effect of in IR.

I am presently at the Sommarhack 2008 conference in Skutskär but we had time to also do some photographing in the night. This is an infrared shot I took of the river while the others kept on hacking. Since the light was very low it is a little grainy even if the shutter time is over 2 minutes and ISO set to 200.

Infrared photography is a passion of mine and there will be a dedicated article on how to get started taking infrared pictures. It is not so hard, but it does require a little understanding on the physics behind it and how to use the camera in a completely manual mode.

Post processing was quite heavy, contrast and exposure adjustment, added vignetting, adjusted ”clarity” in lightroom and a few more touch-ups here and there. I like the result even if it is slightly grainy due to having to ”lift” it quite heavy in post-processing.