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Your favourite prompt

Today’s Bash tip. Create a prompt that changes face depending on the return code of your last command. As long as the return code is OK you get a happy face. When it is false you get a sad one.

Open and edit the .bashrc file in your home directory and enter the following:

PS1="\u@\h:\[\e[33m\]\w\[\e[0m\] \[\`if [[ \$? = "0" ]]; \
then echo '\e[32m=)\e[0m'; else echo '\e[31m=(\e[0m' ; fi\`\] \$ "

Have fun.

Autumn 2008

So the autumn here is nearing winter, the weather is getting colder and many trees have already lost their coloured leaves. There are still some brigh coloured trees around here and there but there are more branches becoming barren and winterlike every day.

The evergreens remains of course, the firs, pines and the spruce trees, the most common evergreens in Sweden. Here is a collection of some of my favourites for the autumn 2008, in no way complete but these are some of the shots that carry special meaning and rememberance for me.

Enjoy the slide show.

Alien Life

BWP green

This was one of my first creative photos where I did lots of post-processing in order to get the effect I was looking for. The phot was taken a cold winter night, the structure you can see are the branches of a tree. The black mist is the smoke from me exhaling in front of the camera just as the photo was taken.

In post-process I have colorized it green then inverted the dark areas for the bright ones. The smoke and branches are therefore brightly lit by the flash in the original picture but turned dark in post-process. Fortsätt läsa Alien Life