Etikettarkiv: Black and White


Today I needed to get out a bit from the apartment, been ill and in bed too much and I am going to work tomorrow again so I ventured in town with camera ready to take some pictures. I went off the train at Centralen the city central station and then walked Sveavägen down. On the way I passed old Grand which is one of the well kept old cinemas that does a bit different films, not just the ordinary run of the mill action movies and dramas from the big Hollywood circus but also does more narrow French and Belgian movies as well as low budgets and Swedish movies you may or may not see again.

Ladies outside Grand
Grand in Stockholm and two ladies walking past
Waiting for the show to start at Grand

Spectral Difference

This picture shows the same scene taken in infrared and then natural light. It is a dramatic difference for example how foliage reflects light in the infrared spectrum compared to the visible light spectrum but there are also other, more subtle but at least as important differences.

Black and White
Left hand side photographed with IR filter on camera, right hand side normal photograph.

Check the concrete plate out in the bottom of the picture, or the differences in the clouds. The difference in the water is mainly due to the longer exposure time on the water.

Infrared of Dalälven

Infrared shot of the river Dalälven
Shot using IR filter from Skutskär looking west upwards of the river. There is a bridge in the background with three lights on that I really liked the effect of in IR.

I am presently at the Sommarhack 2008 conference in Skutskär but we had time to also do some photographing in the night. This is an infrared shot I took of the river while the others kept on hacking. Since the light was very low it is a little grainy even if the shutter time is over 2 minutes and ISO set to 200.

Infrared photography is a passion of mine and there will be a dedicated article on how to get started taking infrared pictures. It is not so hard, but it does require a little understanding on the physics behind it and how to use the camera in a completely manual mode.

Post processing was quite heavy, contrast and exposure adjustment, added vignetting, adjusted ”clarity” in lightroom and a few more touch-ups here and there. I like the result even if it is slightly grainy due to having to ”lift” it quite heavy in post-processing.