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Irony Pinot Noir 2010

Irony Pinot Noir

One of the best Pinot Noirs I have had the pleasure to be aquainted with. I just had it with dinner and some strong cheese afterwards. The cheese where cave-stored Gruyere, a well done Brie, Saint Agure and a piece of Chistera.

The best cheese with the wine was the Gruyere followed by the Saint Agure which made lots of flavours come through.

The wine is recommended for lamb, bird and pig dishes. The taste has tones of oak, plum, ripe strawberries, coffee, mint and chocolate and a faint tone of leather and caramel.

All in all it is an excellent reason why Pinot Noir are by some considered the noblest of all the grapes. I also believe you can store this wine and it will be even greater. I have another bottle that I will bring down in the cellar to store for a while and decant in another five years perhaps.

A man and his Dog

Man with Dog on Beach

It was just before sun-set one beautiful evening in April when we had been driving down the pacific coastline from San Franscisco and we stopped at the beach in Carmel to sit together and view the sunset before we went to a local pub and had a beatiful steak dinner.

As we were sitting there, watching the sun slowly set into a rather calm pacific, this man an his dog came for  a walk on the beach. The stopped and played for a while, the man throwing sticks and the dog fetching and it was clear that they had known eachother for a very long time.

I managed to take this photograph which I really like, the captures the mood at this time on the beach very well in my opinion.

Dog on the Beach