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Some of my Explored photos

Explore is a function of Flickr where amongs all the photographers that sends pictures to the site a few are selected (500 to be precise) on each day to be included in a kind of hall of fame called the Explore.

The exact criteria for when pictures are included is not known, in fact it is a well kept secret for it is fine-tuned all the time, if you have been in explore many times it gets harder to become picked, if you send a photo to many groups it can be harder but also the number of views, comments, fave markings you get contribute to your Explore score.


1. It was a fabulous moon, 2. Where I am going, 3. The Night Watch, 4. The Small House, 5. The Cat, 6. Grödinge church infrared, 7. Ghost in the Window, 8. Kapelludden Cross, 9. A Second in Life, 10. Pompom and the Sea, 11. DSC_1355, 12. Polished Metal, 13. The Sky and the Snowcovered Lake, 14. Fluxfallet, 15. Strokkur, 16. Fontain Rainbow

Go Places – Inspiration – Geocaching

Yeast in Reality
Example of a Geocache

Do you have a difficult time to get inspiration for going on a phot walk or hike away in nature to take some pictures? Are you low on ideas of what to photograph? Do you have a GPS receiver suiteable for trekking/hiking (most car navigation systems are not, you want a smaller handheld device)?

Then this is an interesting hobby that you might want to check out! It’s called Geocaching and I will explain a little about what it is.

Basically geocaching is a treasure hunt. What happens here is that someone hides a ”treasure” for you to find. There is usually not anything valuable in it, it is just the location actually that’s the whole point of it. These treasures are referred to as geocaches and when they are hidden they are also published with GPS coordinates on this homepage.

Hunters go to the home page and find some caches nearby where they live – or where they wish to go hunting, then they download the coordinates, descriptions and perhaps also the hints – called ”spoilers” (they may spoil the fun of searching). Equipped with a GPS receiver, the coordinates, a pen they set out to try to locate the cache.

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