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Training Wk15

Three good workouts this week!

First on Tuesday started out nice together with Jenny in Näsbypark, a 7 km mainly on asphalt but with a bit of trail as well. Good workout and lovely dinner as well. Got home rather late from that however, takes time going from Täby to Järfälla although you could drive there in about 20 minutes.

Second workout was my favourite route here close at home. A long startup and then two laps with a finish down at the lake. Chose the middle tough route on one of the laps, in total about 5 km and even if my condition is now improving after the flu it was still tough.

Third workout was a 5 km in Altorp together with Jenny again. Very good quality run, lovely weather, really really good run.

Total distance 16,8 km Total tim 1:19:16 HMS
Avg tempo 8:29 min/km Avg. speed 8.29 km/h
Max. HR 175 bpm Avg. HR 153 bpm
Training Effect 5 TE/EPOC Energy spent 1 162 kcal
VO2(max) 32 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 159 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 96 l/min Max breathing 45 bpm

Favourite track – in spring

It smells like ldaybugs outside right now. Today was a little warmer again but later it got back to the chilly spring that we are having. Some years we could go swimming (and enjoy it) in mid May but I am certain it won’t happen this year. But springtime is here and all the dreadful snow is melted away now. Not even the north facing hills on my track had any snow now (which they had last sunday).

The starting point


Toward the cottage "Slammertorp"
At the crossroads
Water from the snow that is now gone...

The old fields close to Slammertorp cottage
This is the best part of the woods, the one I always look forward to when struggling up the hills at the other end, this is where it pays of and you can just enjoy the woods
The open fields - but from the other direction actually. The track goes around this field.
The finish of the first part of the track. You can almost see the starting point way up ahead - but not quite. There is about 1/2 km to the finish from here if you cut it short... wich I did not tonight...
Starting on the second part of the track. It is very much uphill from here now just beyond the part you can see here is one of the toughest hills on the track now.
Also a nice part of the track but it is steeper than the picture shows...
The setting sun makes it all worth it. But now it also gets colder, good there is only about 1 km to go from here
Some playthings for strenthening your abdominals, back and arms

Night Watch

Nochnoy Dozor /  The Night Watch
Taken in Kallhäll, Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden. Using a Nikon D70s, Tamron SP Di 90mm f/2.8 Macro. Post processed in Adobe Lightroom

The night watch is the only thing that stands beteen the darkness and the light. Always vigilant, keeping the walking path safe for those who thread it between dusk and dawn. In the twilight the night watch is relieved by the day watch and they nod to eachother as they pass by — enemies by birth and choice but restricted by the ancient cease-fire between them.

They are old now, older than anyone can imagine and they are not easily seen unless they chose to reveal themselves. Unless you are a seer you may only once or twice in your life time catch a glimpse of the Watch as they move effortlessly through the night.

Three Designs

Grindtorp Brutalism

Twisted Architecture
Example of an architecture referred to as "brutalism". This is in Grindtorp not far from Täby, Stockholm, Sweden

Frosty Neomodernism

Frosty Bench
Bench at the local train station in Kallhäll, Järfälla, Sweden.


Sumpan in IR
Infrared photograph with a slight overlay of visible light colorization. Sundbyberg in morning light.