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Harmful Code in Major Newspaper

The Swedish evening newspaper ”Expressen” closed down parts of its site recently since a leading computer and technology site reported that harmful code was being spread (swedish text) from the site.

Expressen has a weather site and the weather site links codes from many different parts on the net. In this case apparently there was code linked from a Chinese site that included a java-script based attack vector taking advantage of a known security hole in Adobe Reader.

I am not surprised really because of the way papers links to ads that contains flash animations, various types of scripts including java script, java code that runs on the client side and so on it is only a question of time before someone hacks into the ad site, replacing an ad with harmful code, thereby spreading it to thousands of visitors per hour visiting totally legitimate sites through perhaps hundreds of site linking ads from the hacked site. It is actually surprising that this is not more commonly happening than it is right now.

I see a surprisingly large amount of foreign sites delivering ads on Swedish news paper sites, perhaps there is nothing to do about this but it must be a nightmare to keep a tight security on a system like this.

For the user even more so – depending on the security model of your web reader and operating system the result from this could be devastating for the user who surf to any of these sites. The only way of being sure this does not happen is to have safely linked material, material that can not contain attack vectord that a third party may use to gain access to desktop computers all over the worls.

Renewing the site

Dear people today is the 1st of March 2009 and I have not had much time lately to spend on my website so this weekend I have done some changes, mostly ”under the hood” but you may also notice that the appearance changed drastically today. This new theme is quite more Leonardo DaVinci looking rather than the old sleek modern-and-chrome thing I used before. It signifies some changes as well and that I have moved parts of the photography article things away from this place over to the Swedish site which is a place that I will be developing more in the coming months.

Those of you who have followed me around since I started a long time ago, before the new millennium knows that about once a year I usually do change something around, and I think this is a part of my process of developing – not only the webbskillz per see but my focus in life also seems to shift a bit.

I will still use this place to post my own personal photographs, manipulations and ideas and musing on anyway so don’t worry about that. I also hope to translate most of the Swedish articles to English and publish here because I know from comments and emails I have a small but much interested bunch of readers out there around the world. Much obliged! :)

In my life there has been some changes also – as most of you are aware I changed jobs and are now working for the local company providing the underground metro train services, commuter train services, bus services and some of the ferries in the city and close archipelago. The company is Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL). My position there is as an engineer on the radio team. The company has several radio systems that it maintains for fleet supervision, traffic radio for the metro trains and so on and we are currently involved in many interesting projects so I was taken onboard so to speak to support that.

Jeanette and the cats here are doing well as well, and my fiancee Jeanette has now got her own blog started which you can take a look at (all in Swedish).