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Course in portrait photography

Again together with we arranged a nice portrait photo course and as usual we had two days of incredible fun in the studio ending with a model shoot at the Sunday afternoon.

Återigen hade vi tillsammans med ordnat en porträttfotokurs och som vanligt hade vi två dagar av mycket roliga stunder, teori och praktik varvat och avslutade med att fotografera en modell.

Model look
Model shoot

Hi, I’m Pooh

I had some friends over at the studio some time ago for some portrait works and also child shots. This one became my favourite and I am sure you can see why this was…

Hi, I am Pooh.
Hi, I am Pooh.

Hade några vänner över för att ta lite porträtt och familjebilder och det här blev den bild som jag personligen tyckte mest om efter den sessionen. Det är väl inte så svårt att förstå varför?

Learning from the masters

Bia and Bosse the SnakeA little while ago I found this excellent blog on Nikonians by Martin Turner. He writes about how the classic potratit painters worked and how we can improved our portrait photography by learning from these masters. He has written several very interesting blog posts on this subjects and I felt like commenting on them myself.

BellaIn his first post also titled ”Learning about portraits from the masters” he discusses the context of the portrait more than the actual technique to pain or photograph. A portrait is supposed to say something about the person being portrayed and therefore it is important to not lose context and pay some attention to the surroundings of the person, the positioning of the subject, any other props or objects in the picture should have meaning and add to the portrait and not detract from the person being potrayed. I think this is an important lesson and something that is easily forgotten.

DanielIn his second post he speaks about differential focus something that has been used by painters for a long time and photographers using a telephoto lens, wide open aperture and focusing as close as possible to re-create. Of course post processing can also be used to achive this and there are more than one way of doing nice differential focussing on a subject.

For a portrait we want the eyes to be sharp, then the mouth and the hair are also important — putting too much fuzziness on the hair makes things look strange and the eyes and mouth are what we as humans focus mostly on when we are viewing a portrait of someone else. An excellent example about this is the painting of a Genoese nobleman painted by Bernardo Strozzi in oil on canvas.

DSC_7002 The EyeAnother thing that he notices are also that backgrounds in paintins are almost always very dark. Almost to the point of being black but never completely black there is always some texture to them but in a very subtle way and the idea of isolating the person from the background is very evident.

Today in photography we often use light backgrounds, even white overexposed so called high key shots which usually means you put 4 times as much light on the background as you do on the subject. Makes it easy to cut out in photoshop and re-arrange in a different background but I get a feeling there is a reason that portrait painters never used such backgrounds.

DSC_1334He also talkes a lot about skin details and softening of the skin in portrait. This was done by painters also using selective focussing techniques when painting but this is also likely down to that our minds generally don’t remember much skin details, we focus on the areas around the eyes and mouth and we tent not to remember too much on other details.

The rest of the posts are also interesting but his number 2 post was the best one so far in my opinion.

You can find Martin Turners Nikonian blog here if you want to read more, and I hope you will because it is very interesting to read his articles!


We had a photo course this weekend and the last day we had a visit from Sally, a great model for the students to practice shooting using model lights and bouncers and everything else that goes with it.


Denna helg eller weekend som det heter på svenska har vi haft en fotokurs i studion. Här har vi Sally som kom över idag och hjälpte till som modell så att kursdeltagarna skulle ha något att fotografera.

Patrik Freij


We got to meet Patrik the first time in 2006. Then we hardly saw him for a while since he was working at Wallmans Salonger for a long time and we visited him there one magical night.

Patrik is involved in a long term project called Varietéteatern, he is an artist and actor and have worked with circus and theater for a long time.

He lives together with Ylva and their two kids on what used to be a farmsted in Trollsta, a few minutes from Segersän in Nynäshamns kommun in Stockholm.

In the same place there is another family as well with three kids and they are also involved in the same theatre project so there are two very nice houses there, a huge barn for repetitions and working out new acts, a workshop place to make props for the acts, a place to sew costumes.

We are so happy to know these people, every time we get there we are feeling so welcome and there is always something going on. If nobody is arc welding outside to make a home built solar panel for water heating, then there is someone sewing on a costume for a new.

Thank you guys! You rock!

Hair update

So it was Jeanettes birthday party last night and we went out to celebrate that. But before that she thought she’d spice me up a little bit and one way of doing that was to dye my hair a bit. "Just a tone, not a strong colour or anything, a bit of nutty brownish should do the trick" and I said yes. Apparently my very scandinavian blonde hair took a liking to the red tones in the colour and now I look like a proper carrot. Not that I suffer from it, I only see it when there is a mirror about.

I got red hairIf I look a little tired here it is because we had considerable to drink yesterday and I am a little bit tired today. For some reason I’m not 18 any more.

Sunday studio photo shoot

Last Sunday we had a lovely photo shoot in the studio with Theres as a model and Annie doing the makeup and then three photographers. Here are some of the pictures from this session. Annie is a makeup artist from the Stockholm Makeup Artist school and Theres had modeled only once before and that was on the Saturday but everything got great and we had a lovely time!

The full set is here >>>

The slide show of the full set is here >>>








Jeanette by the Window

Lighting info: One SB-600 into 109cm silver umbrella camera right. Natural light through window to camera left.

I shot this recently using SB-600 and silver umbrella on stand to the right of Jeanette. The main light is therefore the flash and the fill is natural light coming from the window she is looking out. It was a great test of my umbrella and the shot turned out very much like I wanted it to on the first try.

It is easy to start wanting more gadgets but in reality you do not need so many different things in order to get going with proper lighting. And the key is to keep experimenting because that is how you learn what happens and how you can go at it.

I was surprised how well the texture and bit of shadow came out of the white walls that is the background for this shot.

I want to redo this again but this time use the flash as a fill rather than the main light, getting the main light from the window, perhaps in the evening when the light temperature is a little lower and the light is more redshifted than in the broad daylight.

The background here is just the white wall behind Jeanette and I think it turned out great even though the lens gave a sligt vignetting here.