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Auto logon in firefox

When you browse the company intranet with Internet Explorer it automatically sends the credentials you used to authenticate to the windows domain. Other browsers do not do this by default and therefore you get a sign on box now and then asking you to fill in username and password again in order to browse the site.

There is a remedy for this.

  1. Navigage in firefox to the following page about:config if you get a warning message that is okay.
  2. Locate the following keys:
  3. Add to these keys the server root path that you wish automatic credentials be sent to. For example if your intranet page is launched from the URI http://intranet/ then you should add ”intranet” to these three keys.

Now you should be automatically logged in with your windows credentials next time you navigate to these pages.

OBSERVE! Only add domains you fully trust!

Exam passed

So today was the day after three days of studying the TRI regs (trafiksäkerhetsinstruktion) and two tunnel walks track side in the Stockholm Metro with the last one guiding a bunch of people watching our for their security and acting as a lookout for oncoming trains I officially passed the category 16 examination.

I missed one point on the examination and got only 49/50 and that was a silly silly mistake because I rushed the question a bit. Darn.

I am now officially allowed to guide people track side, feels pretty good :)