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Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama

I am disappointed in you and I will make this letter very short as to why.

Your recent signing of the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) that allows you to detain people indefinitely on any grade of suspicion alone, barring them from proper legal counsel, is something that you do not expect from civilized countries, even a country as paranoid as the US has become.

In fact I was very relieved to hear you, not so long ago, speaking of how you would work hard to close down the shameful Guantánamo base, you gave the world hope that US would step up and take responsibility. Instead you now do the opposite and you open for even worse travesties and detention of people, even your own citizens indefinitely without trial.

As a world traveler I feel more and more hesitation, is it really worth it to visit the US? Even if you personally will not use the law to detain people wihtout proper suspicion, nothing will stop the next regime from doing so!

I am very disappointed and quite the bit disgusted with your actions. And I had such great hopes for the US lead by the first intelligent president in decades, but now I understand that there is no way of stopping this snow ball that have started rolling down a very slippery slope, be it Republican or Democrat — there is nobody that can stand up to the fear mongers who undermine people’s rights in your country any more.

The terrorists have truly won.

A Concerned Swedish Citizen

Danny Cowan Band

It was probably in 2002 or so when I first heard their music. I was listening to an internet radio station from Texas – the radio station has since long gone defunct, it was an underground radio station anyway with bad sound but good music.

All of a sudden they start playing a tune that really catches my attention and I really love the beat and the style not to mention the song, I frantically start trying to find out what the band is called and so I end up mailing the guy running the ShoutCast radio station and he actually came back to me and said ”They are called ’Danny Cowan Band’ and they are from just ’round the corner here.” The song that caught my attention was The Whip. Now go listen to it.

you know the whip’s coming down
coming down on you
we’re down in Texas land
you know heat’s on the rise
100 days of summer

So I set out to find their music on the net to hear more if possible and to buy their record. Turns out they got a small home page where you can listen to their tunes as MP3’s.

And then you can buy their record very cheaply paying through PayPal. Go buy it now. If you feel like some real texas blues you’ve come to the right place!

Drivin Back to TEXAS album cover
Drivin' Back to TEXAS album cover

Danny Cowan Group
Danny Cowan Group

CIA destroyed interrogation video tapes

In the media lately we have been told that CIA have destroyed tapes of violoent interrogations after the American Civli Liberties Union (ACLU) decided to go ahead and press charges against the intelligence agency in a court in New York.

US temporary minister of justice, Mr. Lev Dassin, writes about the video tapes in a letter to the judge in charge of the case. Earlier the CIA only admitted to destroying a few tapes but now it seems that over 90 tapes have been destroyed.

According to the New York Times the tapes shows interrogations of Abu Zubaydah, suspected member of the al-Qaida and Abdel Rahim al-Nashiri suspected to be involved in the bombing of the warship USS Cole outside Yemen in the year 2000 when 17 able bodies seamen died as a result.

Dassin have now asked the court of law to order CIA to produce when documentation of the case can be turned over to the court.

I wonder if we will ever know what happened to the Egyptian people the CIA picked up here at Bromma in Stockholm in 2001  and taken away to some suiteable country well clear of American and European laws and order. I doubt they will ever be seen again in any official capacity or else.